1) Empowerment program

Provision of comprehensive rehabilitation services to victims of acid/burn attacks along with legal aid and personal development services

2) Communication For Change

a) Evidence/research based advocacy and lobbying to establish an effective comprehensive acid and burn legislation in Pakistan to prevent acid attacks, provide medical and rehabilitation services for survivors of attacks, regulate and monitor acid sale, ensure gender justice in the long run.

b) Advocacy and lobbying for pro women and girls laws that contribute to creating a gender equitable environment and hence to curbing acid and burn violence.

3) Preventive Diplomacy

Enhancement of awareness, education and conducting training programs to mitigate conflicts and curb the resulting cycle of gender based violence eventually leading to acid or burn attack.

4) Capacity Building Program

a) Enhancement of local capacities to address/respond to acid violence and GBV in general

b) Documentation and assessment of impact, outcomes, processes and good/best practices to later on share those and capitalise on them at a national, regional and international level

5) Child Protection Program

a) Ensure that all programs are articulated in a child friendly manner as 15% of victims are children

b) Empower caregivers and stakeholders to address child abuses and develop a child friendly environment that promotes and enforces child rights